How can I make payment for shipment?


Blue Sky Logistics LLC accepts all major credit cards for deposits and payments. Any remaining balance should be paid to the carrier via cash/credit or certified check at the time of delivery. If you are making a payment directly to the carrier by certified check, the check must be made out to the individual carrier by name. If your company is paying to move, you and can only use a credit card we can pay the carrier as soon as the vehicle is delivered to you.

How long will it take to pick up my vehicle?


In order to find a qualified carrier, and route him to you, we typically require 1-4 days from the first date of availability that you give us. Once we determine which carrier we will use, Blue Sky Logistics will contact you directly to let you know what day the carrier plan to pick up your vehicle. The carrier that will be working with you will also reach out to you the day before pickup in order to set up a time frame with you. 

How soon should I schedule my transport and how long does it take to ship?



As soon as you know when you need your vehicle shipped, please contact us. The earlier you book your order, the sooner we can contact a qualified carrier to meet your auto shipping needs. We ask that you start the process after an initial quote no more than 1 week of needing your vehicle shipped. This will allow for everything to transition smooth, and your vehicle to be shipped and arrived on time without delay.

   To determine how long your vehicle will be in transit you need to take into consideration the mileage from your origin location to your destination location. Typically, a driver will travel 400-500 miles per day, this is due to the 10-hour operation rule the FMCSA (federal motor carrier safety administration) allows. If the mileage on your move is 2500 miles, it will take them 5-6 days to get to your destination location. Please keep in mind that your vehicle can and possibly will be transported with multiple other units. Because of this, it can take an additional 1-2 days for the driver to deliver the full load to all the customers vehicles. While your vehicle is in transit you can contact us at any time in order to receive an update for your delivery!

Will someone need to be present for the pickup and delivery?


Absolutely, there must be someone 18 years of age or older at the time of pickup and delivery.  If you will not be present at one or both locations of pickup or delivery, please advise the carrier of your plans. You will need to supply the name of the individual releasing the vehicle and that designated person will need to supply a photo ID to the carrier.  The photo ID can be a valid driver’s license, state ID or passport. 

How much fuel should there be in the vehicle?


It is best that the fuel tank is approximately 1/4 full when you release it to the carrier. Carriers have maximum weight that they can ship at one time.  By keeping the fuel low in the vehicles being transported will allow for the driver to use less fuel keeping the prices to ship vehicles low. 

Can I ship personal items with my vehicle?


Personal items are not insured if they are damaged.  Personal items could damage the vehicle in some way due to the car's movement while traveling down the road/highway.  If you choose to ship personal items in the vehicle, it is important that the items are very minimal, and locked inside the trunk. FMCSA doesn’t allow for Freight Movers without Proper USDOT numbers to ship house hold items.